The artisanal honey from St. John, USVI is infused with floral notes such as lime and mango.


Ecological correctness of St. John comes naturally to St. John, where a national park protects two-thirds of the forested, 20-square-mile island. Retired Park Ranger Elmo Rabsatt taught beekeeping to approximately 50 residents—an impressive number in a place with a year-round population of less than 4,200. “It’s a plus for everyone: the bees, the people, the flowers,” he said.


The islanders’ interest mirrors the mainland’s locavore food movement and concerns about colony collapse disorder, which has devastated the honeybees that pollinate one-third of America’s food crops. Also, in the Virgin Islands, where almost every foodstuff is shipped in, apiculture reduces imports and the resulting carbon emissions. 


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St. John Honey


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