Puerto Rico's multi-floral honey has a distinct tropical taste because of the floral variety available in Puerto Rico. The flavor is exquisite and incomparable. Also, the island of Puerto Rico has a unique and extremely valuable population of honey bees that is capable of living with the parasitic Varroa mites.


An article in Newsweek,, describes Puerto Rico’s bees and their severe destruction as a result of the 2017 Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico’s bees are Africanized Honey Bees which, in the Americas, have a reputation for being excessively defensive.


Puerto Rico’s Africanized Honey Bees are by contrast relatively gentle in nature. Africanized Honey Bees occurred as a result of African honey bees being brought to Brazil in an effort to improve the genetics of Brazil’s bees.


Several colonies of African bees escaped in 1956, and they hybridized with the more-gentle bees of the Americas. The hybrid bees are more defensive than regular honey bees, which are the same species. Puerto Rico’s Africanized Honey Bees tend to show aggression toward Varroa mites while not being excessively defensive.


Puerto Rico's Honey Bees may very well be the key to preventing extinction of honey bees in general. Protecting them now is critical.  60 percent of your purchase goes to sustaining the local farmers.  30 percent of your purchase goes to research, education, and conservation, and 10 percent of your purchase goes to administrative fees.

Puerto Rico Honey


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