Hawaiian honey has a distinct flavor that comes from the 'ohi'a lehua tree which can be found throughout the Hawaiian Island chain including the Big Island where it is designated as the island's official flower.


The branches of the tree are twisted and scaly but the blossoms are delicate threads connect in rounded, vibrant bursts of red, and yellow, white, salmon, orange and pink on rare occasions.


The bees are actually transported to the middle of ‘ohi‘a lehua forests, situated on tens of thousands of acres in arid areas like South Kona and South Kohala. The bees are set loose, capture the pollen from the bright Lehua blossoms and return it to the hive.


This popular varietal of honey is mild and creamy with a distinct flavor and smell. In its raw form, you can taste the source from where it came — as when it is not filtered and cooked down like typical store-bought honeys — making it a precious and unique commodity.

Hawaii Honey


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