The Beara is the one of the few areas in Western Europe with little traffic, no pesticides used and with prevailing western winds which give a supply of fresh clean air from the Atlantic ocean, so there is no air pollution .These conditions are unique in the whole west of Europe. Since there is no industrial pollution, no highways and no pesticides it is therefore the bees collect pure nectar without xenobiotics.

Beara Honey is from flowers in a mountainous area of special conservation. The large diversity of native grasses, flowers, trees and shrubs give the bees a various diet. Since Beara have the warm gulf stream around the peninsula without frost, the variety of wild vegetation is much larger than the average found on the main land. The bee season starts from early march till late September.

The bees are prolific and not transported, therefore they have no stress.  Colony disappearance disease or more officially Colony Collapse Disorder does not occur in this area.


The pollen in Beara Honey is believed to build protection from Hey Fever by desensitising you from the pollen it contains. One tablespoon of honey is needed from three months before the hay fever season. Throat and chest infectionsHoney has disinfectant properties as well.


Also, Beara Honey has a large quantity of Glucose Oxidase. When applied to a wound a natural hydrogen peroxide is formed that exists up to 48 hours. This peroxide is antibacterial. And has also been used as a topical remedy to fight Candida.

Ireland Beara Peninsula Honey


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