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About the big bee count

The big bee count is a survey aimed at helping us assess the health of wild bees.  Save the Bees was launched in 2017 and we hope to become the world’s biggest survey of wild bees. The big bee count 2018 will take place from Friday 14 July to Sunday 6 August 2018.

Get ready

Download our bee chart or donate now to help us develop a free app to identify and record bees.

Join in

Choose a place and spot bees for 15 minutes. Good places include your garden, a park, or in the woods. Use your smart phone to take a photo.  Then use your bee chart to identify the species and send it to STB along with the date, time, and your location.

Submit sightings

Use our ID charts to make a note of which species you see. And send along with the date, time, and location to 




Why count wild honeybees?

Bees have seen their population dwindle over the years and dozens of staple foods depend on bees for pollination, including almonds, apples, berries, onions, and broccoli. Wild bees are crucial to our environment, accounting for at least 20 percent of bee pollination. The count will assist us in identifying trends in species that will help us plan how to protect bees from extinction and ensure food security for humanity.

How do you take part?

You can help Butterfly Conservation in many ways:

  • Become a citizen scientist

  • Donate money to help us save the bees

  • Tell your friends how to get involved

  • Purchase STB listed products certified as safe for bees

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