WHY Get ListeD?

To educate consumers

To empower people to make choices that prevent the decline of native bees.

Do you want the STB Verified™ mark on your products?

Consumers want the knowledge to choose products that are safe for bees. Save the Bees offers independent review of products intended for farming, gardening, distribution, and pest management. “STB Listed®” products are allowed to display the appropriate Safe for Bees Seal on labels and in product advertising. Align your brand with Save the Bees.

Start the process


Download and complete the necessary documents.


Complete the application form.

  • Fill in all required fields

  • Upload the three documents from step one

  • Upload one PDF which includes all submitted product labels

  • Pay fees


You will receive an update on your progress and next steps within 6-8 weeks. During this time, you may be asked to provide additional documentation.


 Once the products are approved, you will receive the Licensing Contract.


When the contract is finalized, you will receive access and training on how to use the mark.

Note: You may not use the STB VERIFIED™ mark until your products have been assessed and you have entered into a signed written licensing agreement.

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