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Save the Bees, Inc.’s mission is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of wild/native bee populations and empower citizens to save bees from extinction. You can protect native bees and their habitats today with a donation to Save the Bees, Inc. Your tax deductible donation will support the development of the Big Bee Count™ and Bee Alert™ apps, and development of biosecurity measures to protect against the introduction and spread of pathogens and parasites harmful to bees.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan charitable organization and 80% of our spending is directed to scientific research, development, education, and advocacy.

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We have critical needs including fundraising campaigns to help restore and sustain St. John US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico beekeeping operations devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Please use the buttons above to make your donations. Each donation incurs a small 3 percent payment processing fee from third party processing firms.

Donations directed to St. John and Puerto Rico projects go to:

1.) Restoration,

2.) Conservation, and

3.) Sustainment of Local Beekeeping Operations

To make donations in an amount not shown above, please pay by check to:  Save the Bees, Inc., Critical Restoration Fund, 10108 Carter Canyon, San Antonio, Texas 78255.

Thank you!

In the summer of 2017 as a new non profit, we visited St. John U.S. Virgin Islands to study Colony Collapse Disorder’s impact on an economy that is highly dependent on Honeybees. Shortly after our visit, Hurricane Irma struck and wiped out the entire local beekeeping industry. As a result, Save the Bees launched an emergency campaign to help restore operations for up to five beekeepers. Recent financial support from the Waletzky family was a tremendous boost to our St. John project. The impact of our project will be a thriving and sustainable beekeeping industry that sells products locally and around the world. Save the Bees is also achieving strong results in our work in preparation for the Big Bee Count thanks to generous donations from the Hayman family.

In 2017 and 2018, we also received in-kind support from Brand Evolve, ESRI, Inc., Google,, Mr. IJ Hudson, MOBOMO, TechSoup, and Seaberry Communications. A special thank you to the Change Happens Foundation, and the Munson Foundation for their generous gifts of $5,000 each in support of the Big Bee App Development and the Bring Back the Beekeepers of St. John Hurricane Irma recovery projects. We also thank supporters who who donated through FACEBOOK, GoogleOne Today and the many donors who requested to remain anonymous.

Thank you all for making our project milestones possible in our first year of operation.

Jasmine Adolphe,

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