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The Big Bee Count App™ will use image processing, pattern recognition, and commercial off the shelf (COTS) Artificial Intelligence such as Google Lens®, to quickly classify bee genus, species, subspecies, gender, and their ecology. Once a citizen scientist performs an observation, melittologists from around the world will train the Artificial Intelligence to be able to automatically identify and classify the species.

We also plan to use gamification to get kids excited about participating in the Big Bee Count.  Similar to Pokemon Go®, when a player finds a new or novel potentially invasive species they earn points and win prizes.

Data from the Big Bee Count will be provided in an international open data format (see that allows anyone, anywhere to access data about the multiple species of bees, shared across national boundaries. The data will enable regulators to better control the movement of all species of managed pollinators around the world and limit the spread of parasites and pathogens. A comprehensive global survey of bees also will enable stakeholders to make better decisions to conserve and sustainably use these biological resources.

The Bee Count app will be developed with the assistance of US Department of Agriculture’s Animal Research Service (ARS) Pollinating Insects Research Unit in Logan Utah. Donate now to help us build the Big Bee Count app.

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bee alert

Save the Bees, Inc. Education

Bee Alert is being developed for state regulators, federal inspectors, farmers, and nursery owners.  Users will be able to photo a bee, insect, or plant during an inspection at a high-risk site (e.g. Seaport, farm, warehouse) and Bee Alert will be able to rapidly identify harmful invasive species as well as unknown (never before seen) species of that are potentially harmful to domesticated bees.

Users will be able to collaborate in real-time and push agreed to biosecurity response Standard Operating Procedures to the ground zero site to effectively protect against the introduction and spread of nonnative species. The SOPs could provide nationally consistent guidelines for response procedures, outlining the phases of an incursion, as well as the key roles and responsibilities of industry and government during each of the phases. Donate now to help us build the Big Bee Count app.

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