At the age of twelve Jasmine Adolphe, a seventh grader at The Potomac School in McLean, Virginia, was aware of the role bees play in the ecosystem and the problems caused by the loss of bee pollinators for humans and their diet. Her interest in bees developed with her father during a Potomac School third grade science fair project. Conducting research for her project she learned about Colony Collapse Disorder a mysterious phenomena causing the mass disappearance of worker bees in a colony. When Jasmine presented her findings, she was surprised to learn that many of her peers didn’t know where their food came from.

As a result, Jasmine and her family decided to plant a vegetable garden and grow fruits and vegetables to gain a better understanding of the issues causing colony collapse. Year after year, Jasmine noticed fewer and fewer bees visiting her garden and the family began using “Q-Tips” to hand pollinate their tomato crops. She quickly understood that it would be impossible to feed a nation this way. And in 2017, Jasmine and her brother Quentin, launched Save the Bees, Inc., to conduct a global and comprehensive annual count of wild bee populations.

Save the Bees, Inc.’s mission is to empower people as citizen scientists to save wild bees from extinction. We oversee the Big Bee Count and facilitate distribution of survey tools and biosecurity measures to protect bees against harmful pests. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan charitable organization and 80% of our spending is directed to scientific research, development, and education. Jasmine was selected as winner of the She Rocks the World, Impact Award.

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